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  1. Joe is an award winning wedding, portrait, landscape, wildlife, and photojournalism photographer in Kenya. Joe is an accomplished speaker and presenter in the photography industry in Kenya.
  2. Joe teaches photographers in Kenya how to pursue their dreams and master their art of photography. Joe is available for photography assignment, speaking sessions, or photography training session anywhere, anytime.
  3. Joe is a graduate from University of Washington, Seattle in USA where he majored in Computer Science as a Software Engineer. He still works as a Software Engineer.
  4. Joe is the Founder of VisualDo company. The company has four directors and has two offices in Nairobi CBD where it runs its businesses.
Joe is one of the most sought after wedding photographers in Kenya.  He has shot hundreds of weddings and destination weddings all over Kenya creating his artwork for clients anywhere.

Joe has worked with major organizations helping them create imagery for advertising, promotional materials, and more. Working with ad agencies, creating work that real companies can use for real results.

Joe has shot hundreds of models all over Kenya helping to create amazing portfolios, training, and getting exposure for models to help them achieve their dreams of being discovered and getting published.

Joe teaches his unique style of shooting all over Kenya.  REAL Wedding, Shooting, Posing, Lighting and Photography Workshops have helped photographers all over Kenya improve and pursue their dreams.  

Joe believes in capturing memorable moments, the ones that stand out tall and live between all the others that were supposed to matter more. Remember, anyone can snap a picture, but here at Joewell Studios, we create photographs that capture a memory, a slice in time remembered.We look forward to serving you, and letting your smile shine.



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